Recapper: Cardiac Cosmos Strike Again

Is it too early to talk about Mystique and Aura at James M. Shuart Stadium? Just when you thought the Cosmos home luck had run out, they go ahead and score 3 unanswered goals and win 4-3. It was the most amazing game yet. I think Cosmos fans can now start taking a gander at Atlanta flights.

For traditional recaps:

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  2. Cosmos rallies past Rowdies [This Is Cosmos Country]
  3. Comeback Kids [Big Apple Soccer]
  4. Cosmos extend lead with dramatic comeback win [Soccer America]

My Thoughts:

  • Congrats to Midfielder Marcos Senna on his second NASL Player of The Week honors. Senna’s 82nd minute free kick goal was pure magic. That completed the comeback, there was no turning back after that. Obviously Senna’s skill set, experience and leadership are why he’s on this team, but he’s also here because he can create moments like that. Hopefully there are more big Senna moments to come. I really hope he returns next year.
  • Kyle Reynish just looked plain awful on those two goals when he came far out of the box. He was never going to make it to those balls, and you could see that he realized that way too late at the end of both plays. Reynish has been very solid all season, but he does to things that make you slap your forehead too.
  • The Rowdies’ highly touted offense didn’t disappoint, but it wasn’t enough. Keeper Diego Restrepo and the Tampa defense couldn’t keep a 2 goal lead that would have surely buried the ‘Mos earlier in the season. The Cosmos’ offense was just a little bit better yesterday, which is a great thing to type. Perhaps Ralph’s Mob needs more tambourines.
  • Kudos to Gio for leaving Ayoze at LB, it’s been great so far. That said, it’s time to stop starting Stefan Dimitrov at striker. I am by no means in love with any of our strikers, but I would like to see Alessandro Noselli or Satoru Kashiwase given another chance to start. Either way, this is obviously an area that needs improvement after the season.
  • Great job in the 5 Points. Probably the best we sounded all season. It was nice and loud for the SNY broadcasts too. I thought my speakers were going to blow during that 4th goal. Applause also goes out to those in general  attendance, they helped it sound like a sold out crowd at times. Speaking of attendance, not too shabby getting 6K on a NFL Sunday when the Jets were playing at the same time. The real star though is that kid that put like 30 Shep mustaches on his face, he’s awesome.
  • Hey SNY, nobody is watching your Mets post game, play the full damn game!
  • So 4 points clear, that’s pretty awesome. Huge games coming up on the road in Minnesota and then home against Carolina. It would be nice to if the Cosmos can really put away the fall season in the next two weeks. Then we can go marching through Georgia.

NASL Roundup:

– Minnesota United 1-0 San Antonio Scorpions

– Carolina Railhawks 2-0 Ft. Lauderdale Strikers

– Atlanta Silverbacks 1-0 F.C. Edmonton


2 thoughts on “Recapper: Cardiac Cosmos Strike Again

  1. Great article and awesome job sumamrizing the game! I was in the 5 points section and I must say that when the goals came I thought the stadium was goin to come down it was so loud!
    Now on the team, I would leave the strikr situation the way it is. The Cosmos have started to take many more shots on goal since Kashiwase went to the bench. The formula the team has going now I think is working –they’ve scored 6 goals in two games – that’s pretty solid to me! The good thing is however if there are any injuries or red cards, we do have depth!

    Are you getting your plans ready for Atlanta? Do we know if the team has started to make packages for the fans? That wouldn’t be a bad idea?

    Keep up the good work!

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