Recapper: Cosmos Rolling To Atlanta

Another week, another win. These Cosmos seem unstoppable now.  Not unstoppable in an dominate sort of way. The game against Minnesota was anything but dominate. More unstoppable in a “this team just finds a way to win” way.” Top of the league, magic number at 6, beautiful.

Before I start, everybody check out Cosmos Soccer Fan, the newest addition to Cosmos Country. Great Stuff and another Cosmos site we can check daily. Keep it up!


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  • I know the Cosmos still have some work to do, but they are going to Atlanta right? Can you imagine the major catastrophe it would be if Cosmos didn’t win the Fall season? They have played some real tight games, but the Cosmos have met their high expectations this season. Just don’t falter in the home stretch.
  • The fourth clean sheet for Kyle Reynish, he stopped some real chances by Minnesota. He still scared the hell out of me when he charged the ball those couple of times. However, this is the Reynish we’ve come to expect, he’s very solid one game, frustrating the next.
  • I’m really liking Paulo Mendes and the opportunities he creates. I know he got a lucky assist from Stefan Dimitrov, but it was still a great goal by Mendes.
  • It’s crazy how much this game mirrored the one at Hofstra a few weeks back. Minnesota played us tough once again and missed some big opportunities to tie up the game. Thankfully no dumb red cards in the last 10 minutes this time, but my heart almost stopped when Pablo Campos’ shot sailed over the net in stoppage time.
  • I know rain dampened the attendance in Blaine, but seeing these road games really make me appreciate the Cosmos’ home crowd. There’s a reason we lead the league in attendance. Hopefully I didn’t jinx the Cosmos this weekend when it may rain.
  • I really really want to beat Carolina Saturday. Not only because they are in second with 14 points and another win moves the ‘Mos three points closer to the Soccer Bowl. No, I want pure vengeance. They kicked our ass in week 3 down there, it’s time we show them some New York hospitality.

See you guys in The Points Saturday!


One thought on “Recapper: Cosmos Rolling To Atlanta

  1. Good points, especially about Reynish. Its great how there was buzz about Bryan Meredith coming in to replce him. What does Reynish do – bam – clean sheet! lol
    Thanks for the shout out on the page!! Much appreciated!!
    Cosmos all the way!

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