Thoughts Ahead of Cosmos vs Railhawks

The Cosmos are now in the home stretch with 4 matches left and the magic number sitting at 6 points. This Saturday at Hofstra the Cosmos try to avenge their one lone loss of the season from back in week 3 in Cary, NC. They are a much different club now, they are playing like a complete team.

  • This should be another tough, heart attack inducing match at home. Carolina is a very good team, evidenced by their 14 points and their good showing in the Spring season. However, they are a completely different team on the road than at home. The ‘Hawks are 4-1-0 at WakeMed Soccer Park, but just 0-1-4 on the road. That’s a pretty startling split.
  • A bit of bad news as Empire of Soccer reports that defender Hunter Gorskie is out for the rest of the year because of season-ending surgery on his ACL. That sucks, Gorskie has played well all season and was a big part of why our back line has been great. That said, I really like how the team plays with Ayoze at his natural position at LB, so I’m not too broken up about it. Hopefully Gorskie makes a full recovery and is back with the ‘Mos next spring.
  • If Alessandro Noselli is fully healthy I’d like to see him start next week against FC Edmonton. It would probably be too premature to start him this Saturday. I think we’ll see him as a substitute though.
  • I’m dreading the attendance figure at Shuart Stadium if it’s bad weather this weekend. We’ve lucked out so far this season with beautiful weather every match day at Hofstra. You saw what Minnesota looked like with rain last weekend, that would be very sad if we had a similar showing at home. I hope to be pleasantly surprised like I was with the Sunday game a few weeks back.
  • It’s nice to finally see a consistent lineup week to week. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • It didn’t take long for the Cosmos to turn into the NASL’s version of the Yankees did it? Man, the hate is coming from all corners. If the other teams didn’t want the Cosmos to win the fall season, they should have beaten them. Every team started with a clean slate for the fall, everyone had a fair chance to win it. Like someone wrote on Twitter, each team had two chances to make the Soccer Bowl, Cosmos only had one.
  • Who do you guys think has been the Cosmos MVP so far this season? Senna? He probably has had the most important goals and the biggest impact on the team. Who would have guessed at the start of the season that Diomar Diaz would be leading the team in goals at this point?
  • I’m predicting a 2-0 victory for the Cosmos. Carolina won’t be getting their first road win, these Cosmos are on a mission to Atlanta.

This teaser for the match by One World Sports is pretty cheesy, but it’s still better than 90% of anything the other NASL teams produce. ……Cruising.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts Ahead of Cosmos vs Railhawks

  1. Cruising indeed!
    I think the attendance will be ok. They lucked out that they have the American Cancer Society working with them this weekend. I think that will boost attendance even if the weather is bad. If the weather is good, I predict that this might be the 2nd largest home crowd this year.
    “We’re gonna win the league!”

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