Recapper: One More Win

After all the amazing games the Cosmos have played at home, this game against Carolina is the most satisfying. Not because we avenged our only loss of the season by beating that team by 1 more goal than they beat us, though that was pretty sweet. No, this win was the Cosmos playing at their best, all facets of their game clicked. Should be an amazing game against Edmonton next week. One more win.

On to the bullets…….

  • The Cosmos offense is finally a threat. Diomar Diaz has been incredible and has been completely overlooked. Combine that with Senna, the emergence of Paulo Mendes and maybe Alessandro Noselli, man this offense should be fun to watch the next few weeks.
  • That Ayoze corner kick off the cross bar in the 83rd minute was a thing of beauty. If that went in, it’d easily would have been the NASL goal of the year.
  • Speaking of goals, it’s worked for Senna, but those drawn out stutter kicks on penalties are a little much.
  • It was nice to see Danny Szetela score his 1st goal in 5 years. A great comeback story. It was awesome to see him come up to the supporters and even take pictures with them after the game, it shows how appreciative he is of everything.
  • Cheers to the rest of the team and Gio for all coming up to the Points to acknowledge the supporters. The love is mutual and doesn’t go unnoticed. It should be special next week if the ‘Mos clinch.
  • How about Kyle Reynish coming away with another clean sheet? He was criticized for his mistakes by everybody after the Tampa game (including me) and he has come through again. I hope to see the good Reynish for the remainder of the season, he is essential if the Cosmos expect to leave Atlanta with hardware.
  • So much anger from the rest of the NASL when the Cosmos have played fair and square by NASL rules. The Cosmos are elevating second division soccer, all NASL fans need to appreciate that.

Oh yeah, one more thing….. WE’RE GOING TO WIN THE LEAGUE! (AGAIN!)


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