Thoughts Ahead of SAS v NYC: Just Win!

Another week is here where we can clinch a SoccerBowl berth. The Cosmos squandered their perfect chance to clinch at home last week and it won’t be easy to come away with a win today.

  • Last week I called the game against Edmonton a trap game and that held true. Today, the Cosmos can’t look past last place San Antonio either. This is a different team than the one that gave up 7 goals to Tampa the first game. They added some players this mid-season and won the last 3 games at home. Scorpions get a lot of support at Toyota Field (much less than last season though) so that adds to this games’ toughness.
  • Nice depth pick up by the Cosmos signing former Georgetown defender, Jimmy Nealis. The 22-year old was drafted by Houston in 2013 but had to have surgery after a preseason injury and was later released.
  • It was also great to Jemal Johnson get an ovation from his team mates when he returned to training this week. I wonder if we could see him play in Atlanta next week.
  • I’m so glad that Gio Savarese was locked up long term. I was a little afraid that an MLS side would pick him up after the season. He has been a great leader for the ‘Mos and you can tell the players really respect him.
  • It will be interesting if Gio starts both Dimitrov and Noselli, I like them together. A 4-4-2 formation could be very fun to watch.
  • Most importantly, just win tonight! I do not want to have to hope the Rowdies lose Sunday or make next week’s trip to Atlanta a must win. Let’s sew this one up and party at Legends.

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