Marching To Atlanta

Let me start off by apologizing for my recent absence. My laptop was broken, but now I’m back working from an ancient computer. Anyways……

The Cosmos mostly B-sqaud handled the Silverbacks B- squad this past Saturday and won 1-0. It was nice to see some guys get a chance to start like Kashiwase and the substitution debut of Jemal Johnson. Maybe Atlanta should start  their JV team for the Soccer Bowl, those guys seemed to play a lot harder than the usual starters have for the past few weeks. That was all fun and good, but that was just the featherweight battle before the heavyweight main event.

The Cosmos will now get a chance to complete the first phase of their reboot, a championship. To those critics who think that the best two teams of the NASL aren’t playing in the championship, they are part right. The Silverbacks haven’t played particularly well at all in the Fall Season and probably aren’t one of the top two best teams in NASL. But if you think the Cosmos aren’t the best team in whole league you may need your head examined. If anyone can give a reason why any other team is better than the Cosmos ( who still finished three places above other teams in the total points table), I’d like to hear it. Whatever excuses, complaints or compliments you want to list, the ‘Mos are clearly the most dominant team. Blame the new league rules all you want, I see it as every other team had two chances to make the Soccer Bowl and Cosmos had one. They simply performed better than every other team and made the best of the hand they were dealt. It will be interesting to hear what excuses people bring up for next season.

Overall, November 9th can’t come soon enough. I’m guessing we’ll see the formation we’ve seen for the majority of the second half of the fall season.

Striker: Dimitrov

Midfield:Guenzatti, Pablo Mendes, Diaz, Szetela, Senna

Defense: Ayoze, Roversio, Carlos Mendes, Freeman

Goal: Reynish

Can’t really complain, I assume Noselli will come in as a super sub in the second half.

I think what I may be most excited for is to finally see another Cosmos game that won’t look like it was  produced like a 1982 cable access show. ESPN should do a good enough job. I appreciate One World Sports a little more each away game.

In the meantime, SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!…..



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