Recapper: Champions!

For the first time since 1982 a New York soccer team has won a championship. What an amazing game, both from the club and from the 80 or so supporters from the 5 Points that made the long drive from New York to Atlanta. It’s incredible that this team, only fully formed in July, went on the run they did and won the NASL championship. This is only the first step of the reboot, Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, you’re next.

  • Of course Marcos Senna would score the winning goal of the Soccer Bowl! What a beautiful volley in the 50th minute, that’s a move only a veteran like Senna could make. All finesse on that strike.
  • The 5 Points on tour did New York proud. You guys were heard loud and clear all game long, much louder than the Atlanta supporters. It was also a beautiful sight every time the camera showed the sea of green. The commentators even mentioned the section multiple times. Kyle Reynish afterward was very grateful of the support, he mentioned how the group was louder than the home crowd and how he heard the Cosmos supporters over Atlanta’s when he was in goal on their end. Cheers to The Borough Boys, La Banda Del Cosmos and Sagan’s Army, truly the best supporters in American soccer.
  • Really cool to see the fans storm the field and be able to celebrate with the team raising the trophy. Where else in sports do you see that? Imagine what would happen if you ran onto the field after a Yankees World Series championship?
  • There was definitely some shaky moments in the Soccer Bowl. Atlanta played hard and physical, eventually that caught up to them. They had some great chances early on and late. Amazing job by the 2013 NASL Golden Glove winner, Kyle Reynish, he made some great saves to make sure this game stayed a shutout. After that 4-3 win over Tampa a couple months back, he really has played lights out.
  • I was glad to see Dale Murphy come in late as a substitution. Murphy is someone who has been with the Cosmos since the 2010 academy days and even played at Old Trafford for the Manchester United Testimonial in 2011 (that will be the last time I refer to that awfulness, I promise).
  • Can’t complain about the ESPN broadcast, it was well produced by One World Sports. I liked the visit by legendary Cosmos keeper Shep Messing. There was a lot of awkward pauses during halftime and the beginning like there always is at NASL games. What the hell happened on those lineups? The Silverbacks’ PA announcer was awful and did not announce the Cosmos in order. Senna was even announced twice. It resulted in weird camera pauses on players who weren’t being called and not sure what to do when the camera panned to them.
  • Next up, Cosmos travel this week to Spain to play Villarreal in the Marcos Senna testimonial on November 13th. After a well deserved break, Cosmos will get back to work on gearing up for the next important step in the reboot, going deep in the Open Cup.

I’ll end with these quotes from Marcos Senna, courtesy of Soccer By Ives:

“At that moment it’s complicated to describe the goal, only thing I can say is that we’re proud of this moment. The goal wasn’t mine, it was a goal for everybody,” Senna told reporters after the game. “I think our job was hard, but it was worth it. We deserve this championship and that goal ices everything we did in the season.

“I’m grateful to the fans who made the 14-16 hour road-trip. Our fans are the 12th man and they deserve this moment and this championship. I definitely want to return next year, and play more years if my body feels right. I want to end my career with the Cosmos.”



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