Behold The Glory of Cosmos Championship Linkage

So there was a little bit of press for the Cosmos this weekend…..

– Cosmos win the 2013 NASL Soccer Bowl []

– Cosmos Claim 2013 NASL Soccer Bowl []

– Champions Again [NYTimes]

– The Fight for Soccer Glory in New York [WSJ]

– Marcos Senna’s Goal Gives Cosmos Soccer Bowl Victory [Newsday]

– Cosmos Put American Soccer on Notice [EoS]

– Highlights & Reactions [EoS]

– Senna’s Winner Leads Cosmos to First Title Since 1982 [SBI]

– NASL Soccer Bowl Sees Cosmos Return To Glory [Soccer Newsday]

– Cosmos Claim Title in First Season [Soccer America]

– Cosmos Cap Return With NASL Title [GOAL]

– Living Up To The Legacy [Big Apple Soccer]

– Simply Unstoppable [Big Apple Soccer]

There’s a ton more on, Big Apple Soccer and Empire of Soccer.


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