What’s Next For The Cosmos?

With winning the 2013 Soccer Bowl, The New York Cosmos have marked off their first box on their Reboot checklist. What do the reigning NASL champs do in their second year to further their goals?

  • A striker. Please get a legit, veteran striker. I’m not asking for a Alberto Gilardino, just a striker with some success playing in Europe. A Marcos Senna-esque player if you will. Obviously we can use upgrades in the midfield and perhaps in goal, but we need a real scoring threat if we are to go far in the U.S. Open Cup.
  • Which brings me to my second point, we need to beat one or maybe two MLS teams in the Open Cup. I don’t think I’m being unrealistic here. If the Cosmos are going to be taken seriously as a future “first class club,” they need to prove it in the only venue that can provide them that opportunity. The USOC should be a major focal point next year. One that I’m excited to witness.
  • Win the NASL championship again. This goes without saying. If they are going to be the Yankees of the NASL, they need to produce on the championship front. They not only need to win the championship again, but both the spring season and fall season. Are those fair expectations? Maybe not, but the Cosmos are all about exceeding expectations. The Cosmos need to be thought of more than just a good 2nd division side. They need to be thought of more than just a 2nd division team period.
  • Keep that back line. The defensive back of the Cosmos is as good as any MLS team’s backline and was a major strong point for the club all season. The front office has already accomplished part of this in re-signing Ayoze, and I don’t think captain Carlos Mendes is going anywhere. I hope for the same with Roversio and Hunter Freeman, who could both find a job on an MLS side.
  • Get the Belmont stadium announced. Shovels don’t need to be in the ground in 2014 like outlined in the proposals, but just a simple announcement would be huge. It would galvanize even more New Yorkers and fans around the club. In a year that will feature a ton of NYCFC news, the Cosmos need to make loud noise whenever they can. A stadium announcement would be something NYCFC (probably) can’t contend with. Not to mention it would be a big jab to MLS.
  • Better Friendlies. The Senna testimonial against Villarreal was an amazing accomplishment, we need more of that. I’m not asking for matches against Manchester United (again) or Barcelona. Games against a Sassuolo (Noselli’s old team) or a Crystal Palace would be great. Teams that may be in the bottom of the table, but still in their respective country’s top flight league.

2 thoughts on “What’s Next For The Cosmos?

  1. Nice post and I mostly agree. I think winning the Spring season will be much more important than winning the Fall. We could earn the right to host the 2014 Soccer Bowl over only 10 games, and then without the added pressure to win the Fall season, we could use full strengths XIs in the later rounds of the US Open Cup. If we’ve already qualified for the Soccer Bowl, I wouldn’t mind sacrificing a few wins in the Fall season for a few wins in the USOC.

    As for players, I agree. Striker for sure, and hopefully a Attacking Mid too. Paulo Mendes had a few good games but I think we have room for improvement there. I’d love to see the Cosmos go crazy and sign up DeRosario AND Adu AND someone like Nuno Gomes/Diego Forlan/Miroslav Klose (those last 2 will be next to impossible in a WC year though). I expect they’ll just gradually improve though, getting to full strength around 2016, right in time for the stadium opening, if all things break right.

    • Man, if we could get all those guys you just named, Cosmos Country would just explode. But you’re right, the World Cup year does not help with getting some international players. 2015 should certainly be a very exciting year.

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