Cosmos Hot Stove Burning Up

After a few very quiet months in Cosmos Country, things are finally starting to pick up. Let’s review some of the recent news (I know I’m very late with this):


  • Hans Denissen – Looks like someone took Cesar’s bet a little too seriously. The Scorpions striker is a great pick up for New York . It’s by no means a Senna type signing, but a very solid acquisition in a weak area for the team. I envision he’ll do quite well in the green and white.


  • Kyle Reynish – The 2013 NASL Golden Glove winner is headed for “greener” pastures in signing with MLS club Chicago Fire, according to a report from EoS. Reynish could cause some serious head scratching moments, but he was pretty reliable in the net overall. I always believed that for the Cosmos to truly go far in the U.S. Open Cup they needed to sign a better keeper anyway. This departure becomes a real negative if we stay with the current options of Maurer/Calderone/Meredith. I don’t think Maurer is a far drop off from Reynish, but it definitely isn’t an improvement. Hopefully, the Cosmos sign a reliable, MLS experienced goalie. However, cheers to Reynish for a great season and treating the fans with a lot of respect.


  • Danny Szetela – The other big news out of Cosmos camp today was fan favorite Danny Szetela signing a contract extension. Szetela did a great job resurrecting his career with New York, and I’m pumped he decided to stay as he probably could have signed with an MLS side.
  • Ayoze – The Spanish midfielder/defender was a huge part of the Cosmos’ success in 2013. While he thrived in the midfield, Ayoze really started to shine when he replaced the injured Hunter Gorskie. I think we see the La Liga vet in the backline again in 2014 and that is a very good thing.
  • Sebastian Guenzatti – The 22-year-old Uruguayan re-upped with the Cosmos and keeps New York’s depth at midfield strong. Guenzatti showed some real flashes of talent  during the 2013 season and I expect him to grow even more in 2014.
  • Jimmy Maurer – This was easy to ignore news when it was announced a few days ago but now that Reynish is gone, it looms large. Hopefully he’s just a nice back up re-signing.


  • Raul – There seems to be rumored mutual interest between the club and the former Real Madrid legend. The 36-year-old striker has been playing for Qatari club Al Saad and is still very serviceable. I know people have doubts about adding a striker well passed his prime and on the wrong side of 30, but this is the NASL. Ronaldo isn’t coming, Raul would be a perfect Senna-esque signing and he would no doubt thrive in this league.
  • Nuno Gomes – The former Portugese national was linked to the Cosmos a few months back when he had a brief training period with the team. Head coach Gio Savarese expressed interest in potentially signing him too. Like Raul, the 37-year-old striker is past his prime, he was released from the Blackburn Rovers last year. Still, Gomes would probably find success playing against NASL defenses.

Hopefully, more veteran names are linked to the ‘Mos in the coming weeks. It should be a very exciting winter and spring.


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